Even today many of us don’t have a clear idea about what G-suite actually is. Before going into details about the G suite service in Dhaka, let’s get a clear idea of G-suite service itself.

What is G Suite?

G suite, previously known as Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Your Domain, is a Google brand of cloud-based services that contains a set of intelligent apps like, Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, and more. These apps were designed for easy communication and bring people together with real-time collaboration. And when you have all these apps together in a pack, communication and endeavor become even easier.

Installing and getting familiar with G suite would provide your team with a totally new angle of working together online. There is more to G suite than just about emailing and chatting, the whole team can work together on video conferences, social media, real-time document collaborations, and more. What’s interesting is that your team can use this app set from a computer, a laptop, a tablet or, even from a cell phone.

Features of G Suite:

Before getting deeper into G Suite, let’s see the main features it has to offer to its users.


You can reach your teammates anytime and anywhere using google mail, Google Plus, Hangouts etc.


With the assistance of google docs, sheets, slides and many more, you are able to bring your dream project to life and share with your colleagues with ease.


Google drive and google cloud search helps you to store a vast number of files and data online and also enables you to find them with just a few clicks.


Online security is important. Otherwise, there is a possibility of data theft. G Suite manages users, devices, and data securely and effortlessly using apps like Vault and Admin.

Benefits of G Suite in a Business:

As we stated previously, G Suite was designed for the workplace to make working in a team easier and more convenient. There are a number of benefits that are offered by G Suite to a business. With the G Suite service, all your teammate will be able to send professional emails from your business’s web address and also will create groups mailing address with your company name attached, like customersupport@yourcompanyname.com.

Vast Storage Space: Installing G Suite entitles each member with a huge amount of cloud storage space. The Basic version alone provides 30 GB of space per user. And if you upgrade to Business, Enterprise or Team edition, each of your teammate will be able to use unlimited online storage. The storage is shared between google mail, google drive and photos.

24*7 Live Customer Support:

Google ensures 24/7 customer support to each and every G Suite user. You can call or email Google Support Centre anytime you need and they will come up with a solution to your problem as fast as possible. Moreover, there is also an online help center to help you find your solutions on your own.

Advanced Admin Controls:

G Suite gives its users the freedom of controlling the activities of their accounts from one centralized admin console. Using this console, you can add or remove users, create groups of your choice and even set up your own security options like 2-step verification and single-sign-on (SSO).

Mobile Device Management:

Security of data and files are important for a business and G Suite known that very well. This app package keeps all your confidential data secured with the help of device management system. This system allows you to easily locate lost devices, require passwords and is capable to erase data if ever needed.

Easy Data Migration:

Migration of data from other storage solution to G Suite is extremely easy by using Google’s Migration Tools and Services. Through this service, you can securely move your business’s important data.

No Advertising Policy:

The G Suite service by Google is completely ad-free. This enhances the user’s ability to focus on work instead of getting carried away by stupid ads.

How and Where to get G Suite Service in Dhaka?

G Suite Service by Google Cloud is popular worldwide. And Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh is no exception.  Dhaka is home to many big business and renowned educational institutes. And to keep up with today’s modern world, many of the business and educational institutes adopted the G Suite service.

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Knowing the demand for this Google service, there are more than few companies that started offering G suite services in Dhaka with a monthly subscription fee per users. Most of these providers propose a number of G Suite packages with different features and fees. Using their packages, you will be able to get world class G Suite services in a Developing Country like Bangladesh.

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