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Business management ERP System

Spondon IT recognizes the critical importance of unwavering reliability when operating a premier Business Management ERP like InfixBiz. The slightest disruption has the potential to impact your business’s performance and reputation. Drawing upon our extensive industry experience, we fully comprehend the weight of this responsibility and possess a profound understanding of every facet of this esteemed sector.
InfixBiz, distinguished as the market’s best ERP, is dedicated to delivering impeccable service, ensuring seamless and efficient business operations across all dimensions. 
Touch-Friendly Interface effortlessly navigates InfixBiz on smart devices with our touch-friendly design. Featuring generously sized buttons, well-balanced typography, and responsive elements, the browsing experience mirrors that of a desktop computer. User Experience (UX) Focus,
every aspect of our ERP template is meticulously crafted with a strong focus on User Experience (UX). The design ensures seamless and intuitive functionality across a variety of popular devices, enhancing the overall user experience.
Stay on the Dashboard to gain critical insights at a glance, including Total Purchases, Total Dues, Expenses, Purchase Due, Invoice Due, Total In Bank, Total In Cash, Net Profit, and more. Time-based filters for Today, This Week, This Month, and the Financial Year are available.
For PROJECT MANAGEMENT, streamline project management with features such as creating teams, and projects, assigning tasks, sharing projects, and viewing tasks in list or board views. Customize task sorting and utilize custom fields.
Effectively manage sales, including sales lists, sales returns, service sales, product sales, product-wise discounts, overall discounts, taxes, shipping charges, and more.
Easily add and manage contacts, categorize them as suppliers or customers, and customize login settings.
Efficiently handle product inventory, including single or variant products, combo products, services, SKUs, units, brands, categories, models, alert quantities, product images, prices, descriptions, and more.
Keep track of inventory with features like opening stock, receiving purchase orders, product costing for sales, product transfers, stock lists, movement tracking, stock adjustments, product information, and serial number management.
Handle purchase orders, stock alerts, purchase returns, CNF (Cleared and Forwarded) documents, payment methods, discounts, reference numbers, CNF agents, and more.
Create and manage quotations for business transactions.
Record expenses, income, bank accounts, opening balances, chart of accounts, and generate detailed financial reports.
Manage business locations, branches, and warehouses.
Keep track of staff, roles, departments, attendance, events, payroll, leave management, and more.
Define leave types, manage leave balances, and handle leave requests and approvals.
Configure system settings, including activation, general settings, logo and favicon uploads, language preferences, date formats, currency settings, preloader options, payment and invoice settings, SMTP and email templates, and more.
Set up taxes, countries, languages, and prefixes for your system.
Ensure data security with backup and activity logs.
Support for right-to-left (RTL) language layouts.
In summary, InfixBiz, our Business ERP, offers a comprehensive suite of features to manage various aspects of your business. From finance and sales to inventory and human resources, it provides an all-encompassing solution in a user-friendly, responsive, and touch-friendly platform.
January 10, 2020
Software Development
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