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5 Social Media Which Affected Strong Traffic Experiences That Have Increased By 241% In 8 Months

Can you Imagine! In the post Title. It is very true. Let’s see the deeper part. How and why Social Media Affects by Huge traffic so early.

1. 2x stock contributions in each blog entry

When we were A / B test blog on body language, we divide it into two differences:

The donation version was finally Results? Two versions of my stock amount. In other words, instead of 1,100 shares, 2200 shares have. Here’s a simple end to the call-to-action version: 

We continue to run these tests and see the same results – the inclusion of a gift, 2X in the preparation of the report. The combined effect on the movement of this wonderful experience is for us.

2. Insert, click, and tweet all items that will improve the operation

In the following table data, analyze the items used Click Tweet Links (acute) Compared to items that do not:

Attention to the pattern? In the E column, you can see articles that include “click-to-view” links were some of our most common Twitter articles.

It seems clear, but it was refreshing to see the data that support our hypothesis.

At first glance, you might think, “Great! I’ll add links to every actual article now!” … but I would recommend trying everything out. It can work with our audience, but it can have a profound impact on a different audience.

Philosophical Acutet If you do not feel normal, do not force it. The most common links we use are actual appointments or interesting statistics.

3. Twitter is our source, “the most expensive”

The fact that more action is accepted does not mean that you are receiving additional adjustments.

For example, after someone (let’s call John) tweet our article, which I intended for someone else to click the link Juan tweeted. If a new person does not click on this link, you will not be the new person visiting our blog. If this happens, John’s tweets do not prove anything in return, because we do not get any new visitors to your content.

Therefore, the greater number of people who click on the link after their participation, the more “value” becomes more expensive. Logical?

Using a tool called a wick, it can calculate the source “value” of the media automatically using this simple equation:

Total pages for each network

Total number of shares for each network

For a period of 30 days here were our results:

For every action we get from Twitter 2, people click on the link that saw their own Twitter news
Share on Facebook, 1.5 people click on this link, they saw Facebook’s news feed.
LinkedIn to achieve a share, 0.75 people are clicking on this link and saw LinkedIn News

For example, if you have 1000 shares in 1000 LinkedIn Twitter shares for exactly the same item … We can expect a visit from Twitter 2000 (1000 shares * 2 share views), but only 750 LinkedIn visits (1000 shares * 0.75 per share new views). Despite this, every 1000 shares.

This means that getting a Twitter action is more expensive than getting shares of LinkedIn, but LinkedIn has the largest number of shares. Interesting, right?

This opened our eyes not only to track the total number of shares but also to take into account the most important source on our part.

4. Imagine our “HOLD” with the passage of time

In this experiment, we attempted to understand the rate of population decline at a time for each item. 

Weekly regiments (column on the left) are the average number of shares of all articles published this week (we published three articles per week on average). For example, in a week follower, the average number of shares for a period of three articles per week after two weeks after 203, was 264. etc.

Average shares of all the regular weekly groups (marked yellow) are the most important part of the data. The average stock you get the item after a week is two weeks after it was 309. 414 three weeks later, it was 479. And so on.

5. Effective rates of material result in large stocks benefiting from increases

In March / March 2015, we published an article on Benjamin Franklin’s daily routine. July 20, 2015, the number of this article amounted to 181 shares. One day after this article received 244 additional shares … in one day